On Christ the solid rock I stand

James Moffitt
7 min readSep 4

I do not talk about my faith very often, especially in a public forum like Medium. Today I think I will share my faith with you.

I mean, we all have faith in something or someone right?

Just the other day I was talking to another co worker that shares my faith in Christ. I love working with him because we can talk about our faith openly and without worrying about offending someone.

When you are at work and around your co workers you are not supposed to talk about politics or religion. Why is that? The reason is because people are passionate about their beliefs on both subjects. So, it is a good idea to approach those subjects very carefully. Do not start up a conversation with someone about those subjects unless invited to do so or perhaps they are talking about it.

I mean, here is the deal. We should be able to talk about our faith and politics since they both are things that impact how we view the world and how the world affects us as individuals and families. We should be able to share our thoughts and ideas respectfully and peacefully. We not only should be able to share them but we also should be able to be objective and try to see the other persons viewpoints. That does not mean that our view points are any less pertinent to us or that the other persons view points should be ridiculed.

So, share your view points on faith and politics and listen to what someone else believes. We need to find common ground and be civilized as adults when we are conversing with others. We should not become angry or ridicule others for their view points. Are you with me thus far?

Having said that I now will tell you a little bit about my faith in Christ. I want to tell you about the 4 P’s of Christ which are gifts that you get when you become a follower of Jesus.





Christ enters our hearts as we invite him in and he “Pardons” us for our sins. Christ hung on the cross at Calvary to provide forgiveness of sins for mankind both past present and future. There is nothing we can do as humans to be good enough to make it to heaven. None of us are good enough. The grace of God through Christ and dying on the cross is the only thing that can provide us with forgiveness of sins.

John 3:16 is a familiar passage about grace “For God so loved the world that he…

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