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5 min readAug 12
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COVID is real…. But then again there are many other viruses out there that are equally as dangerous. Chicke Pox, the Flu, Measels, Polio, Dementia. The list goes on. Which one will get us and make us sick? Will we survive? That is the big question.

I keep seeing the commercial about Shingles on cable tv. If you have had chicken pox in your life time the Shingles virus is lying dormant right under the surface. One day it will come to haunt you and your body will make you miserable. My wife had Shingles and even while it was a mild case it was on her back and she was in some discomfort. I keep reminding myself to go to CVS and get the vaccine for Shingles. Life gets in the way and I have yet to go do it.

I work at the department of health and environmental controls in South Carolina. I provide tech support for the health side of the organization. That means that my customers are health professionals. They come to our IT room and we configure new iPhones for them and make sure the data from their old iPhone transfers over. We image and configure new laptops for them. We make sure the network printers work and all of the other technology is running like it should be.

Imagine my surprise when one of the preventive health nurses came into our IT room and announced that several of us were exposed to someone who tested positive for Covid. How about that. A health care professional tested positive for Covid. There has been an uptick of Covid infections recently. Not only in our community but right there on the 3rd floor of our building. Since the fear tactics of media has died down recently Covid is not on the forefront of our minds like it used to be.

On the 3rd floor we have a drug rehab facility where citizens who need help with detoxing are housed. There is a program they can enroll in and have the help they need getting off of the addiction they are on. I had never thought about those folks bringing Covid into our building. We have many people walk in off the streets into our building though. There are several social services being provided for our citizens and I am glad the organization is there to provide it to them.

So, back to me. We came into close contact with a customer that has been confirmed to have Covid. That means that on Monday, after the 5th day, I am to take a Covid test at home. If it…

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